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Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields

The Israeli Denial

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Phony Feminism

Women for Sale

Women Tortured

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Vast Spy Network In The US Linked To  9/11.

Israeli War Crimes
(Don't say
you did not know...)

Through Women's Eyes   (a report)

Israel Admits

Colonizing A Metaphor
(There is no Wall...)

UN Resolutions
Against Israel

Why An Economic
Boycott Of Israel Is


Talk, Saddam, Talk

The Jews Of Iraq

Israel Wants Iraq To Pay Compensation

Iraq Prison Torture Resources

Post-War Contractors

Napalm In Iraq

Iraq & The Laws Of War

      It is the popular dissident and fully independent Chapter of the National Organization for Women located of  Northern Virginia.
       In line with the NOW Statement of Purpose, we rebelled against National NOW in 1998 when the organization sided with the White House in the Lewinsky scandals, betraying itself, the membership and all American women. 
       Harassed by the leadership, shunned by the establishment Old Media, we still stand.  Dulles NOW
funds itself completely
, unlike National NOW which
is Soros funded.
       Anti-imperialists, we are pro-choice and have no litmus tests on abortion.  Like the majority of NOW members and the American people, we believe that partial-birth abortion equals infanticide and ought to be severely restricted.   
       Dulles NOW was accredited in 1981 and has been active ever since.  It is a legal section of the National Organization for Women.

M. Bakri's Jenin Jenin


Copyright 2000-2012-13-14  Dulles NOW We encourage our material to be reproduced, reprinted or broadcasted provided that proper credit is given to author (s) and that original source is actively linked:  http://www.dullesnow.orgornel

Save Lives: Boycott Israel
A Dulles NOW Press Release

A financial look intoNOW and the"FeministMajority"
:a $ 10 million budget?250,000 members? nogovernment support?Hardly...

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 Impeach Barack Obama
A Dulles NOW Press Release

Women and their destroyed homes
in Beit Lahiya

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 A Tribute To The Russian People 
And To President Putin           
               A DullesNOW Press Release
 ...for their heroic WWII victory and the resolute   leadership of President Putin...

 Boycott & Divest
Failure To Criminalize BDS In   Australia
Why BDS Movement Scares Israel
BDS: Permanent Address ForPalestinian Solidarity
Boycotting Israeli Universities
International Solidarity With Repres-
sed French Supporters of Boycott Israel

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream In Complicity With Israel's Occupation
US Mennonite Church Divests Due To Israel's Human Rights Abuses

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(Latest Update:  April 11, 2022)

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A Note From DullesNOW:...Great to see you again!  We are happily back, if tentatively, doing our best to reconstruct the site.  It can now be fully accessed from hp081621.html.  However, the period from end of August 2021 until now  still remains unavailable...   

 My Heart Broke   When Mum And Dad Died In Front
Of Me

She Is Not Her Huzzzzz-
band (also known as some 'charm' offensive)
Bill's Wife On The Death Of Gaddafi's


Environmental Crisis

The Destruction Of A Civilization


America' Invisible

The Dollar Glut Finances US Global Militarism

The Top 50 US War



Africom's Covert War In Sudan

What We Recommend You Do And Don't Do:
by DullesNOW

  Do bypass the National NOW leadership.  They have proved useless over and over...
2.  Do not waste time contacting your Senator as they unanimously
signed a Resolution supporting Israel's latest slaughter...
3.  Do not waste time protesting your newspaper/TV/radio Gaza disinformation.  They know they are doing it and why.  It won't change... 
4.  Do join
Palestinian Solidarity protests near you, again and again...
5.  Do contribute generously to various pro-Palestinian groups.
(The PalestineChronicle, DCI-Palestine, PCHR Gaza just to name a few)...  
6.  Do contact
CNN to support gifted reporter Diana Magnay.  Posted in Gaza, she was sickened by the sight of Israelis cheering the bombs hitting Gaza.  She described these people as 'scum' .  Zionists now threaten her life .
Join the Boycott & Divest International Movement.  It is working...

Special:   Israel Is Using Flechettes In Gaza
by Harriet Sherwood

Special:      Can Israel Win In Gaza?
by Dmitry Minin

Latest News From Syria

Special:    Second Convoy Planned
by Ahmed Morsy
...popular aid convoys to Gaza will not stop regardless...




The US' H17 End Game
(Andrew Korybko)

New UNSC Ukraine Resolution
(Alexander Mezyaev)

The Propaganda & Politics Of MH 17
(Eric Draitser)

Obama's Case Disintegrates On MH 17
(Ron Paul)

European Killers Enjoy Fascist 'Safari'
(Nikolai Malisheski

Washington Lies & Kiev's Silence
(Boris Novoseltsev)


Abbas & Goldstone

Operation Sarkozy: The
CIA Places Its Agent

True or False?
Vrai ou Faux?


CIA Crucified A Man

Full Text Of  Human Rights Record Of The US In 2013


Women for Sale

Women Tortured

Statement of Purpose


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